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Brand Story

UNINKO is the abbreviation of "Unique Innovation Keeps On", which is also the company's business philosophy and culture foundation. Innovation is the power source of the company's continuous progress and improvement. In order to constantly increase our customers' obtained value and enhance their brand image, we must adhere to Unique Innovation so as to get rid of the competitors' homogenous competition and continue to provide our customers with differentiated and original engineered plastic materials and services.

UNINKO thermoplastic compounds

UNINKOTM is our global brand and trade name for marketing & sales of our materials in overseas markets outside of China. As a leading formulator and compounder of thermoplastic compounds in plastic industry, UNINKO insists on value innovation, oriented by the product & marketing strategy of:

"Be there where no one there";

"Be superior in what already there";

"Be specific among what as superior";

"Be new out of what already specific";

Committed to provide our customers with the most comprehensive, highest cost performance engineering plastics solutions and the best service and fastest response time in the industry.

UNINKO specializes in Application Specific Thermoplastic Compounds and highly customized compounding service, we insist on technology innovation, with belief in the concept of "Science and technology is the primary productive force", committed to promote the industry changes and make human life more beautiful.

UNINKO insists on management innovation, with belief in the concept of "Employee is the company's No.1 resource", committed to maximize stimulation of the employees' potential and anthusiasm, so that every employee could be fully developed in UNINKO.

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