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Uninko Welcomes Indian Customer's Visit


Jun 29, 2019


Huizhou, GD – Jun 29, 2019 – Uninko is thrilled to welcome Mr. Kiran Badgujar, the Indian representative of one of the biggest Indian Electrical & Electronic Instruments Manufacturers, to visit our compounding factory located in Huizhou city, Guangdong Province, P.R China. Both sides had a happy and constructive meeting and reached a consensus to build closer cooperation relationship.


During the meeting, both sides discussed the further expansion of old projects - Flame Retardant Grade PC Compounds (FR PC V0) for electric meters applications. Uninko has many price advantages on Flame Retardant Series Compounds with a broad array of base polymers such as PP, ABS, HIPS, PC, PA6, PA66, PBT, PPO, etc, compared with the big brands of similar materials on the market.


Also, both side went technical discussion for a new project – 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide 6 Compound (PA6+30%GF), which is for the internal parts of an electrical product. It’s grateful that Mr.Kiran Badgujar took 2 kg of the existing granules sample for our lab tests and analysis. Uninko has advanced and completed lab instruments for the tests & analysis of material’s properties e.g. Physical, Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical, Flammability, etc, which enable us to figure out customers’exact material requirements and make the right formulations and solutions.


Now let’s take a glance at this fruitful meeting:


- Tour the Materials Test & Analysis Laboratory:

Tour the Materials Test & Analysis Laboratory 1.jpg

Tour the Materials Test & Analysis Laboratory 2.jpg

- Tour the Compounding Workshop:

Tour Compounding Workshop.jpg

- Group Photo in Front of R&D Center:

Group Photo in Front of R&D Center.jpg

~~Happy Ending ^-^

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