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Conductive Plastic Compounds

What is Conductive Plastic Compounds?

 Conductive Modification Purpose & Capability:conductive-plastic-compounds

◆ Polymers are typical insulation materials due to their extremely low electrical conductivity. They charge very easily and even when grounded the plastic material stays charged with static electricity. Conductive plastic compounds, unlike normal plastics, have the ability to conduct electricity.

◆ Conductive plastic compounds offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for applications that require ESD (electrostatic discharge) control, as well as ATEX (explosive atmospheres) and EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding . Other uses of conductive plastics include metal replacement solutions, detection sensors, heating elements, air cleaning systems, dust suppression and the prevention of electrostatic attraction (ESA).

◆ UNINKO multiple cutting-edge technologies enable to embed conductive properties into thermoplastic resins. Each offers different approaches to providing the exact degree of conductivity required for your application, whether anti-static, static dissipative, ESD protection, conductive, or EMI/RFI shielding.

◆ UNINKO conductive plastic compounds can be customized to offer electrical properties spanning the surface resistivity from 10^0 to 10^12 ohm/sq and formulated for injection molding or extrusion processing.

Why UNINKO Conductive Plastic Compounds?

→ The Material Advantages:

◆ Conductive plastic compounds are recyclable and can be extruded or injection molded fast and cost-efficiently into desired shapes and sizes.

◆ Compared to metals and surfactant coatings, conductive plastic compounds have more advantages such as adjustable electrical conductivity, light weight, wide range of properties available, good processability, mass-production friendly, cost-effective.

◆ The fabrication of the finished parts of conductive plastic compounds is more easier and less expensive due to the elimination of secondary processes, and they are not subject to denting, chipping and scratching.

Tailor Your Own Compounds Now!

Custom conductive compounds are available to meet your specific end-use applications, additionally combined with structural reinforcement, flame retardance, color and other specific properties into a single compound. Have our engineers tailor a specifying wear resistant plastic compound for you right now! 

Let us formulate your material concept into reality!

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