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Reinforced Plastic Compounds

What is Reinforced Plastic Compounds?Reinforced Plastic Compounds

→ Reinforcement Purpose & Capabilities:

◆ Strengthen the physical properties of standard resins

◆ Improve the short-term termperature resistance   

◆ Gain a better balance between resins cost and performances

◆ Glass fiber or beads, carbon fiber, mineral additives, very long fiber, modifiers & stabilizers

◆ Available in loading from 10-70 % fillers

Why UNINKO Reinforced Plastic Compounds?

→ The Material Advantages:

◆ Reinforced thermoplastic compounds are an excellent alternative to metal in applications where strength, dimensional stability, and toughness are important.

◆ Reinforced plastic compounds offer dramatic improvements over standard resins in stiffness, tensile strength,load-bearing ability, and other properties - including short-term temperature resistance.

◆ Reinforced plastic compounds give product designers freedom to utilize lower cost, lighter weight parts processed via injection molding.

◆ Reinforced plastic compounds are available in all commodity, engineering and specialty resins and can combine with other properties such as pre-colouring, lubricity, conductivity, or flame retardance in a single material.

Tailor Your Own Compounds Now!

Custom reinforced compounds are available that incorporate with many unique properties. Have our engineers tailor a specifying reinforced plastic compound to meet your specific requirements using our innovative compounding expertise right now!

Let us formulate your material concept into reality!

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